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Catherine Alexandre, nicknamed Cate

She is a self-taught and multidisciplinary artist born in France, she composes her creations from elements mainly found in his environment.

After studying English literature in Paris, her passion for textiles led Catherine A to a career as  costume designer for cinema and theater in 1985. In 1997 when she moved to the countryside in the South-West France she discovered the universes of interior design and floral decoration.


After exhibiting her work at Gençay (France), Catherine A. started collaborating  with an experienced floral designer with whom she developed new artistic sensibility & skills. At the same time, she began taking advanced courses in interior design and obtained her degree in interior design in 2008.


On her return to Paris in 2011, she picked up drawing and painting again and twice exhibited at La Galerie des Bons Enfants. She received the L'Esprit de Paris prize in 2016.


Very concerned for the environment, Catherine A. have researched alternative mediums and processes, and she is now concentrating on the use of traditional methods for the extraction of colors from plants. 

Cate creates each design, each color from plants, preparing and printing in the studio. Her design reflects the influence of nature and have their origins in the Anglo-Saxon Arts & Crafts movement, the following artists W. Morris, The Four, K. Moser, k. Serizawa.  

She creates Alexandre Vegetal Art - AVA Paris in 2019, developing collaborations with several young designers. In 2021, Catherine A. designs her first collection of fabric for home linen,  printed by hand  "à la lyonnaise", which will be on sale in the fall of 2021.

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